Sunday, January 18, 2015

Derek Paul

Welcome to the world Derek! It has been an exciting, and exhausting, week. We welcomed our 11th grandchild and are feeling so blessed. He is a handsome little guy, if I do say so myself, and he and mom are home and doing great.

I was so touched that my daughter chose to give him her uncle's middle name. Paul passed away in 2013 with brain cancer. She spent lots of fun times there and I'm glad she will remember them always.

I had a lot of fun creating the Kingdom set my daughter had chosen for her layette and to see Derek all wrapped up is a feeling I cannot describe. The nursing staff at the hospital was so kind with all the compliments and even made the rounds with Derek to show him off. lol  I love crochet!

Here are a few pictures of Derek in his Little Prince Cocoon. I can't wait to get the hospital pictures she had taken. :)

My grandson Aaron, who rarely wears a hat, told me he needed a crown like baby brother Derek. I was very surprised by this so, even though I should have been working on orders, I did the only thing a good Mamaw could do, I made some pattern adjustments and hooked him one. He put it on, gave me a big hug and told me that now he can be the Big King and baby Derek can be the Little King. LOL I love my grandbabies!!!
Here they are in their matching hats :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Baby Week!!

Woohoo the time is finally here! I'll be heading out to my daughter's house tomorrow and spending the night. We are getting ready for the newest grandson to make his entrance on Wednesday January 14, 2015. I'll be staying until they are released and then we will all head back to my house for a few days to let big brother and mommy chill with the newest family member. :)

I finished up the baby set this morning and can't wait to see him all wrapped in these! LOTS of love in every stitch. Melanie wanted a little kingdom theme and we did it up right. The Pretty Princess doll is for mommy..her birthday was January 9th. We have the Little Prince cocoon set, a dragon for each of the boys, a round blanket, for a shield, and a matching hat to wear home. I even got Aaron a shirt that says "This is what a cool big brother looks like". It feels like Christmas!


Thanks to those of you who placed orders with me this month. I will get those out to you all ASAP as soon as things get settled down a little.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Baby Love ~ Updated!

Our family has certainly been blessed with grandbabies. Steve and I will be welcoming a new grandson next week! This will make our 11th grandchild and we couldn't be happier.

Because of a full schedule making Christmas gifts, filling customer orders, craft shows, and keeping inventory at the Barn-n-Bunk I am now down to crunch time on the baby set! Luckily my daughter chose an item I already have completed for part of her set. Now I only need to add the blanket and I have a little surprise chosen that I think will go well with this set. I have had the yarn for these since August! Ah well, I actually had to work on one baby set while at the hospital so a week should be plenty of time right?! Hopefully that won't be the case this time!

I have never made the same blanket twice for the new babies. This time I have chosen this adorable Ripple Waves pattern from Bernat. Do you have a favorite baby blanket pattern? Feel free to share them with us!

Ooops we have a pattern change! My daughter has chosen a knightly theme and has asked me for a round blanket.. more like a shield ;)  How could I say no?! So we have decided on this one from Yarnspirations called From the Middle 

I still plan to work this Caron Simply Soft yarns in blue and green shades. I will post pictures on my Facebook page, Creative Kitty Crochet , when the set is completed. If any of you have worked this pattern I would love to see them!