Sunday, November 1, 2015

To Make an Afghan

As a small crochet business owner I have been asked on several occassions to make an afghan. I'm always excited to do so and set about gathering patterns and pricing info. Asking color preferences and decorating styles if the customer doesn't have a specific pattern in mind. I usually give a couple of choices and will work with them until we have the look they want. 

I really don't think most folks realize what the process is and how much time making an afghan takes. So I have created a snap shot of the last one I made. The All American Afghan has been a popular item for me this year. This is my second one and I have orders for two more! I had requests for more but some balked at the price I quoted them. I feel that $100 for this item is more than a reasonable price. The yarn I used is about $40 and with the hours worked I made about $1.60 an hour!! So I am obviously not doing these to get rich :)

I'm hoping that by sharing this time line for the All American Afghan others can see that an afghan order is by no means a quick, or cheap, item to make!
Please, please keep this in mind when next you have doubts about the price of a hand crafted item. Whoever said home made is cheap....hasn't purchased supplies!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bring on Fall!

The Summer just flew by! Lots of camping and family fun. But now, it is time to put my schedule back in to hook mode.

What makes you buckle down and do what you know needs done? I find I have to create a schedule for myself. I have so many projects going on at any given time. There are orders, items for the Barn-N-Bunk, craft show items and family Christmas gifts to be made.  I now break down the days for which items to work on and keep a dry erase board to help keep me on track. Now, if I could just stop finding more awesome patterns I want to make!

This Summer I was asked to crochet the All American Flag Afghan. I was super excited to do so because I find it such a gorgeous afghan.

To my delight, the posting of this item brought many comments and several new people to my Facebook page. This brought new orders and I also received three orders for this afghan!  I am super excited and nervous. This is an item that obviously takes some time. The fact that my local Hobby Lobby didn't have enough yarn for all of them isn't helping the stress level! But, deep breath and focus. A couple more trips should see the the yarn situation rememdied.

I love crochet. Stress and all. While now is crazy time in my yarn room, the fact that people like my work well enough to purchase it and support my small business, makes every minute worth it. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Time!

We are moving right along with 2015! I can't believe this year is half over already! As always, I've been quite busy both in and out of the yarn room. We are still working on the new homestead getting the yard together and exploring our surrounding neighborhoods. I've started my second season at the Barn-N-Bunk and am very happy about that! I've also reserved my spot for a local craft show this Fall and am busy getting items made for that as well as lots of baby gifts this year.

To my surprise, and delight, one of my most popular items this year has been this adorable elf! I've made several of these already. A couple for gifts, a few for the craft show and Barn-N-Bunk, and several for those awesome folks placing orders early and avoiding the holdiay rush. :) Thank you all! I will be taking more orders for the Christmas Shelf Elf later this Fall.

If you would like to make one of these cuties for yourself, the Christmas Shelf Elf pattern by Heather Gibbs is available here