Monday, June 2, 2014

Trying Hard

Though I have decided not to re-open my online shops yet, I am still dedicated to my crochet and trying to stay in touch with my online friends and fans. Facebook doesn't make that very easy for us anymore.

This month I am working on using the scheduled posting feature in hopes of regaining some viewers. I appreciate any feedback and hope that you enjoy the items I have chosen to share with you. Not all posts are crochet related but hopefully you will find them helpful or entertaining. Check out the first post! I've pinned it to the top of the page for you  .. Mum Market Bag Pattern

I have also taken an active part in making sure I can see those pages I love to follow! Even though you click the "follow" button it still takes an occassional visit to the page and a like or comment on the posts. I know summer is tougher because we all like to spend more time outdoors and that is as it should be! But I have allowed myself some time each evening to interact on my social media choices...  Facebook, Pinterest and google+ are my favorites. I hope you will find and follow me there as well. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting Settled

The furniture is in place and things are unpacked. Only the garage is left to organize a little better. It feels like home. We've even had family over for a couple of cookouts. Love our new back yard! There is still so much house and yard decorating that I want to do but I know that will take time. I will enjoy every second of it!

Our neighbors and town folk are great! Everyone has been extremely kind and helpful as we settle in here. I must admit that was my biggest fear in moving. Wondering how the neighbors would be. Glad to put that behind me! Our new Main Street reminds me so much of the little town I grew up in. I can't wait to see it dressed for the holidays :)

I've been wrestling with the decision of re-opening my shops just now. Do I really have the time to devote to the online upkeep and social media updates needed to promote it all. The truth is .. I don't think so. Not at this time. As I said, I have so much I still want to do and it's our first Summer in the new town. I think a little exploring is in order. :)  This doesn't mean I won't be crocheting. Just that items won't be listed until this Fall. I will still be taking orders. All you need to do is message me.

I also received some exciting news this morning. I can't share right now but for me it means time away from the computer. Which is a good thing. Sometimes I feel my life has been sucked into cyberspace and I'm missing the here and now. Ever feel that way? If so, then step away and take in your surroundings. You never know what you may find or who you may meet.

Enjoy your Summer everyone! I certainly intend to do just that.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Changes

WoW! It certainly has been a super busy beginning to the new year! Last fall the hubby and I discussed selling our house and moving closer to where he works. We even contacted an agent to get an idea of the market and what price range we could expect to list at. After the crazy winter we had and the road conditions he had to travel on to get there, we decided to go ahead and make the leap. The only condition I had was that the new place be a ranch home with a great back yard for the grandkids to play in...oh and room for my hot tub ;)

We began to talk to the people he works with and check out the areas closer to his work place. Soon we began taking "Sunday drives" to get a better feel for the areas and did some online house shopping. The actual plan was to list our house later this Spring. But, as it usually goes, we found THE house we wanted. Knowing we had to sell ours before we could make an offer we quickly called our agent back and put ours on the market. That was in February! We had ONE showing in the middle of all that bad weather and got it sold! It is now the end of March and we have already closed on our house and will be signing papers to get the new place next week!! Isn't it cute? :)

What an exciting Spring this is going to be. We have lots of rooms to paint and a few minor things to take care of before the movers take over the furniture. I have already done the majority of packing and we have a storage space full of things to be moved in later. It's amazing what you collect over the years. I'm sure there will be more purging once I tried to fit all that stuff into the new place  LOL But, that's ok. Time for a new chapter.

I'm already looking forward to the day that my yarn room is organized and we can enjoy some sunshine relaxing on the new patio. I know Tessa, my mini poodle, is going to love that big fenced back yard! We also have lots of plans for cookouts and campouts with the grandsons this summer.

Stay tuned .. Creative Kitty Crochet will return! I am looking forward to meeting lots of new folks and getting connected with local crafters. I'm sure there will be some new craft shows for me to attend this year!